She lays inside of her crystal cocoon

staring at the ceiling

while she weeps her body changes

as she gains new feelings

outside she knows there is a world

where she would fit right in

as for now she suffers on

repenting for her sins

her god he is a harsh god

an unforgiving fool

to place her far away from love

as if love was a tool

her only sin was to feel

and that he took away

and placed her a tight glass house

til’ she gave in and prayed

while in her house of crystal dreams

she sailed upon a sea

landing on a small island

where she was finally free

her wings of many colors sprang

from her pale lythe back

she swiftly rose into a sky

that turned from blue to black

she flew on despite his rage

against her greatest fear

then she was gone while he was lost

holding back his tears

love should not be tied

with words that have no meaning

that is the way true love dies

you live there with no feeling

numb to the world around you stumbling and falling

until you give yourself to love

and back you come a crawling