His face was the first thing she noticed when she logged onto the site www.dmnlvr.com.”He has kind eyes” was her first thought. He looked older than she normally liked her men but she always told them “age didn’t matter” and they always bought it. She was desperate and needed money and this was the one sure  way she knew she could get some. Men always responded. They always said she was” pretty,beautiful, gorgeous, sexy” whatever stupid adjective they  could think of in a seconds notice when they first got her picture online. She liked to use the one with her red leather jacket on and her skirt. She would pose in front of cars that she  could never afford in a million years but since a picture is worth a thousand words or somthing like that, well it was just a little white lie!It wasn’t her fault if some dumbass man thought the Audi or Mercedes was hers!

She left her first message. Always the same she knew it would catch someones eye. “Hi” it would read and that was enough.Everyone was trawling the net looking for sex or money or both. Everyone of the men before denied it but she knew better.She knew they were all just horny pigs looking for something to shove their nasty cocks into.So many times she had watched them masturbate to her little webcam strip show.She would smile inwardly as she went as slow as possible all the while watching their faces redden as they neared climax.

Of course they had to pay first but to them it wasn’t sex for money it was “helping” a potential girlfriend in need of a few dollars or quid euro’s! They never said no.Not one of them and this was how she knew “Dungeon Master 999” would be her next “boyfriend!”

She told him the story of how she was in Ireland looking for antiques for her new store opening in San Diego but her purse had been stolen. Of course she had hidden her passport and visa in her room along with a bit of cash but she was now almost out of money and soon would be out on the street. She knew her dark brown doe eyed look would soften even the thinnest wallet to cough a few dollars up. She would give them her PAYEX number so they could just make a deposit in it from their credit card and well, if they wanted anything from her, they just needed to ask!

Sitting in her room in Detroit she would stand and move away from the cam. Dressed in only a sheer camisole she would act as though she was embarrassed as she hurried back to the cam and paused it. “Oh, I am so sorry I forgot it was on and I wasn’t dressed” she would purr into the mic or type on her keyboard.She always had the guy on webcam pay before she would play this scam. The fool would definitely want more once he saw her long legs and hard nipples through the filmy fabric,

Weaving her story always made her a little horny. It was the power she knew she could exhort with just a glimpse of her flesh. No guilt ever washed inside of her conscience as she felt  that if they wanted to see her, they would pay to do so and then she would leech them until they backed away.Most men were good for a few hundred dollars before realizing she ceased existing on the sites she hunted in. By then she was a little better off financially and some dope had maybe learned his lesson! Probably not but hey, she never begged, only asked and they did the rest by giving her their money or credit card number.

The guy she was talking with now was no surprise. DungeonMaster999 was already asking her for a picture. “You know 999 is really 666 upside down!” he quipped. “you into the occult at all Loreena?” hs asked. She responded with a wicked smile that she was really a Pagan at heart and practicing witch, not one of those bullshit Wiccans either but a straight on worshipper of the Darkside!” he was eating her shit like a starving monkey on a pile of bananas!

She had her room loaded with props of all nature from equestrian riding crops to fake human skulls. Whatever the sell point she had a toy!

“Are you married?” She asked him knowing whatever the answer was it was most likely some lie because almost all of the ones before had been married and in the final days she would threaten to expose them to their spouses if they did not grant her last financial request!  By the time that would happen, she would know more about the guy than he knew about himself. She never went for the small fries, only men with real money and something to lose like a family, wife or job. The first time her stepfather had fingered her she was fifteen and she threatened him with telling her mother and anyone  else in authority if he didn’t come up with a hundred dollars fast. He threatened to kick her ass but she knew he wouldn’t.Like most guys he was more afraid of being found out than anything else.

She assured him she would explain her bruises truthfully to her school nurse that her stepfather had tried to rape her and she was terrified to go home. That would in fact get him arrested and then prosecuted and divorced which was going to cost him  lot more than the hundred dollars she was demanding from him.She even told him that if he was willing play then she might be willing to play but never ever fuck him! She had a nice savings of over a thousand dollars before she turned him in. Crying and sobbing about the abuse to the nurse and showing her the bruising on her thighs(from punching herself but no one even asked) stepdad was outta there and on the way to prison in less than a week all the while cursing her and swearing she had coerced him. All she had to do was cry and look at the judge with her innocent eyes and that was that!

Her mother, drunk and crying  told her she was a slut and kicked her out of the house three days after the trial ended. She just looked at her mom and said”takes one to know one huh mom?” and with the thousand left on a bus for aunts house three hundred miles from Detroit. Her aunt was shocked when told the story of the abuse she had received and how her own mother had screamed at her that she was a liar even when the judge believed her. A single fifty year old woman, never married and with a face like a Missouri mule, took her in immediately. She had never liked her sister anyway because she got all the pretty in the family genes she told the girl! On her own she asked her aunt if she could continue going to school which made her aunt very happy,after all, Auntie taught math at the high school!

Her aunt had explained the circumstances to the principal of the high school and to make sure nothing went a miss, he suggested she enroll under her aunts last name and change her first name just in case  someone came looking for her. Starting her junior year she had become Charlotte Webster and considered Marilyn Connors dead and gone!

No one ever really made the connection but over the next two years, three male teachers and the vice principal of the high school had quit and moved to other states. Marilyn Connors however was getting quite a savings account. She worked part time in a grocery and began keeping all of her money she made there in the local bank. Every once in awhile she would make a larger deposit and her account grew slowly. No one ever questioned why this young woman had over twenty thousand dollars in her account and if they had she would have told them her about her dead father’s insurance. She knew the death of her father would shut most people up and make them feel bad for her. She was learning how to read people,something that every con artist learns early on and if smart, sharpens that skill as they get older!

After high school, Marilyn decided it was time to move on. Her aunt thought she was going to a community college in Kansas city to study computers but that was not the case. Marilyn had her mind set on California.She knew that there were so many rich men there she would be able to scam so many they would never know what hit them. She had considered Las Vegas but movies of how ruthless the men there were frightened her.She did not want to get caught and hurt or worse yet, killed just for a little innocent scam! So , she withdrew all of her savings and gave her aunt a thousand dollars and left with another fifty thousand in her purse.Never once looking backwards to her past, Marilyn only considered her future.She Had no idea what she wanted out of life other than to make more money. There was no set amount in her mind that would appease her so she decided to work it for all she could until either too old or dead or worse yet, caught!


I am a paragon of virtue

in a church of a thousand sinners

the one whos been forever

in a world filled with beginners

no one will ever hurt you

my wrath is much too great

bringing fear to all men’s minds

the one they call the Wraith

made from the dust of eons past

I’ve been here forever

looking for the one I lost

her hiding is so clever

she takes the face of many here

but I know her soul

it’s finding her and taking her

that will make my own whole

I am the great forever

soaring through the year

universes pass me

but never dry my tears

broken by the one I love

here I must resist

to carry her and never die

is the why that I exist

In the arms of an angel

I float above the earth

I see below the sorrow

the happiness and mirth

I watch the rockets flying

I hear the people scream

in the arms of an angel

I pray for many things

I pray that all wars end

all soldiers can go home

that poverty and hunger

leave everyone alone

I pray that man lives better

their souls clean again

and those who feel so bitter

I pray smiles from within

in the arms of an angel

though I know it’s a dream

the things that I do pray for

are more real than they seem







We all have our own…each defines who we are whether you can smell them or not!

Your’s is like cinnamon on a warm day. It makes me hunger for you constantly. I remember your flavor………………..


She lays inside of her crystal cocoon

staring at the ceiling

while she weeps her body changes

as she gains new feelings

outside she knows there is a world

where she would fit right in

as for now she suffers on

repenting for her sins

her god he is a harsh god

an unforgiving fool

to place her far away from love

as if love was a tool

her only sin was to feel

and that he took away

and placed her a tight glass house

til’ she gave in and prayed

while in her house of crystal dreams

she sailed upon a sea

landing on a small island

where she was finally free

her wings of many colors sprang

from her pale lythe back

she swiftly rose into a sky

that turned from blue to black

she flew on despite his rage

against her greatest fear

then she was gone while he was lost

holding back his tears

love should not be tied

with words that have no meaning

that is the way true love dies

you live there with no feeling

numb to the world around you stumbling and falling

until you give yourself to love

and back you come a crawling


.Christopher J.Whedon

Author of “Resonance” “Esmaer and Other Journeys in Poetry”
“The Genevieve Chronicles” (an e book)
“GRUESOME’S ” 17 Short Tales to help you SHRIEK at night!

  • Psalms of the Shadows


  • Shadows grow across my room

  • filling me with deepest gloom
  • gone she is too soon too soon
  • gone but not forgotten
  • Whispers sound so very near
  • bring me to the edge of fear
  • elicit from my eyes a tear
  • gone but not forgotten
  • Her scent lingers in the air
  • shadow says beware beware
  • for she is no longer there
  • gone but not forgotten
  • A single drop of blood I see
  • upon my pillow close to me
  • a sweet message from her to me
  • gone but not forgotten
  • So I lie awake tonight
  • a candle for my only light
  • in the shadows her eyes shine bright
  • refusing to be forgotten
  • I tell her that she is dead
  • but here she is next to my bed
  • my blood it runs so red so red
  • I’m gone we are  forgotten


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I sit and listen to their words
Metallica,Manson and the Byrds
What I hear is what I see
Someone please take charge of me
I twirl the chamber of my gun
I smoke a bowl of opium

Tyrus shoved the gas pedal to the floor and the world became a blur. He just knew he could outrun the cops again. “Lame Fuckers” he thought outloud. He saw the light ahead turn yellow and didn’t even think about slowing down. As he slammed into the side of the mini cooper and both cars blew apart his last thought was FUCK! The pursuit car swerved to miss the mess and slid sideways into a minivan carrying “The Rounders’ all girl soccer team. All 10 were killed instantly as was the officer and the van driver.

He lost his wife and daughter that day. He looked into the entire chase searching for reasons this happened and found something interesting. The entire pursuit was running fine, sirens blaring and strobes flashing, but the driver of the mini cooper had his music so loud, he didn’t even hear the siren so he didn’t know to pull over. He hate loud music and He think He need to do something about it!
It’s amazing what you can learn on line if you let patience guide you. He learned how to make explosive devices, home brewed napalm and even ice cream.

At two am he felt kind of stupid stopping for a red light when there wasn’t anyone else around. But he figured it would give him time to “cop-a-feel” so Garret slid his hand up Barbs skirt while he waited for the light to change. He could feel her moist warmth and smell her musky scent. He listened to the TYKES blaring out of his speakers wishing he could make it loud enough to drown out Barbs protests. Barb shifted in her seat and looked out her window. She watched as the silver cougar pulled along side. “Cool car” she commented softly” awesome tint on the windows”. Even as she made the statement the drivers window slid down. The face looking at her was older but still sexy she thought. His sunglasses matched the tint on his windows.

The pains too deep the drugs too light
I ’m gonna need some blood tonight
I’m all in black a shadow man
Specter without a home
I’m looking for the one I need
To cut right to the bone

“What the FUCK are you looking at asshole,” Garret yelled when he noticed that Barb was no longer trying to pull his hand off her pussy. The face smiled back at him and a small object flew from the cougar’s window and landed on Garrets lap. Before Garret could voice a protest the cougar shot forward and took the corner. Barb turned in time to see Garrets head leave his body just as flames sucked the air out of her and slid flame back into her, searing her lungs like charred meat.

To drink the blood to taste the flesh
To make me think I’m real
Footsteps come his blade comes out
The light shines off the steel
It’s just a dance I do each night
To help myself to sleep
Coated red I turn and toss
Until I hear dawns weep

Parson looked at the smoldering mass before him and shook his head. “Somebody get me a freaking coffee PLEASE’ he bellowed and watched a patrolman take off to do just that. “ so, what do you think sir” Parson turned his shaggy head to the left and glared at the small woman with the microphone. What He think is, is you should get your skinny ass out of his way and away from his crime scene” he then turned away from the reporter and lumbered off towards the wreck

Angela Martinez watched as the disgruntled detective walked away from her. She shook her head at the cameraman and turned her mic off. “Asshole” she muttered to herself.
“Angel” as her close friends called her was something of an enigma in this small community. Her Hispanic background and beauty had many heads turning in this ninety eight percent Caucasian suburb. No one however could say that she wasn’t the best and most beautiful news reporter ever seen anywhere. Her youth made the local women steam as her beauty did the same to the men.

From a short distance away He watched them. They were all very good at their jobs but He was just a bit smarter. After all, Parson works for me!

Parson silently viewed the gathering crowd He wanted to get a good look at the faces before they multiplied. He knew many times, the one who did the crime, liked to watch the baffled police try to figure out the “master minds” plan.

Out of the corner of his eye Parson saw Lt. Forbes, a borough commander observing from a distance. He didn’t acknowledge seeing the man and he wasn’t sure why. This wasn’t Forbes precinct. Maybe, he was driving by or had his radio on and came to see what happened. Parsons mulled through a few more reasons Forbes would be there then decided it didn’t warrant any more thought. “Cops. Go figure” he muttered softly to himself.
Parson wasn’t the only eyes that noticed Forbes in the distance. Angela Martinez had seen him too and unlike Parson, her curiosity was at full throttle. She walked across the street waving a hand in greeting as she approached the Lt. at a brisk walk almost missing him as he got inside of his car.

“Lt.Forbes” she said breathlessly “ so nice to see you again. Aren’t you a bit out of your precincts area?”
Dave Forbes looked up into her dark sparkling eyes and shook his head. “Angela, I’m a cop. Remember? We have radios on all the time.” He heard and He was close by so He responded too. “You have a problem with that?” he snarled.

Whoa, down boy!  Angela took a step back. Didn’t mean anything by it, just surprised to see you that’s all! She turned and started to walk away when Forbes yelled  “I’m sorry Angie”, just feeling a bit off after seeing this!
If Angela heard him she didn’t react or turn around, so Forbes shook his head and drove away into the early morning.
Please momma don’t bury me
I’m not really dead
It must be from the drugs I took
Or the gun that shot my head
I can hear each word you say
I just can’t respond
I don’t care what the doctors say
Im not really gone

He couldn’t fuckin’ believe fuckin’ Garret and Barb are dead! This came from the near toothless mouth of Ricky Armano, Garrets closest friend and dealer. That shits gonna cut into his cash flow he continued to bemoan his loss of friend and revenue.

Ricky and his newest girlfriend were driving down Mexico Lane towards his apartment to get high. Ricky saw himself as the next “Scar face” and tried like hell to emit that kind of persona. Unfortunately, at just over 6 feet, 120 pounds and swiftly growing bald it wasn’t working for him. He did however have the best coke in town and Bonita, (his new sweet) was going to suck as much as she could up her nose right after she sucked him in her mouth. She saw this as a fair trade.

Still lost in her thoughts she heard Ricky swearing and turned to see what his problem was now.

“Mother fucker just brighted me” he ranted. “I ll kick his ass”

Ricky pulled his car over and was just ready to open his door when the silver cougar pulled a long side of him blocking him. Ricky howled at the indignity of not being able to kick some ass and rolled his window down while flinging epitaphs right and left at the cougar’s dark windows.

As the passenger window of the cougar slid slowly down, Ricky reached under his seat for the 22 he always had there.

He felt something land on his back and sat up fast thinking the “ Cougar man” had spit on him or threw some trash on him. Those were his last thoughts as the explosion blew his head from his body. Bonita had just enough time to scream when Ricky’s head landed in her lap then the flames stole her breath and her life.

Parsons stared at the ceiling above his bed and tried not to make things from the cracks. He already had seen W.C.Fields and Barney up there and he was working on Mr. Peanut when his cell phone rang. The only ones with his cell number were Angie and his dad; it was a bit late for his dad so it had to be Angela.

‘I can’t stand that asshole Forbes’ she ranted the minute he said hello. “ He acts like no one needs to know anything about anything in this town but him”.

“Finished?” Parsons asked softly…. He always found it best to let her get it all out before he tried to converse normally with this feisty Latino reporter.
“I am..finished…for now” she purred back at him. He could imagine the smile on her beautiful lips right now “ coming over” he asked?  “Thought I might” she replied  “if that’s ok with you P.” She knew it was always ok. They had been a bit better than lovers for a little over a year now and had reached a comfort level she had never experienced with any other man she had known. Parson seemed to be able to read her every mood and her every move in bed and out. As a lover he was sensitive and voracious at the same time making her have multiple orgasms each time they made love.
“See you in a few” she chuckled at him.

No one understands the pain he felt. That fucking bitch reporter just wants a story so he decided to give her few with the time he had left. He’ll have to join his family soon but before he goes….


“TYKES, TYKES, TYKES” was the chant coming from the mini van. On the radio “Bare Bones” by the Tykes was pulsing through the chant as the six overly medicated teenagers drove down Santa Palo Blvd.

Stephie, the driver was supposed to be straight as she was the “designated driver” for the night. That turned into a moot point though once Eric (her boyfriend) got into the van as when they kissed he tongued some X into her mouth making her swallow it with a gasp. Now, all six were on their way to “Freddie’s” for a night of fun. Freddie’s sat on the corner of Pine and Lackman and was the local hangout for all those under 21 and several over who liked to cruise the young ass. Tonight, it was packed with a line out the door and a crowd in the lot all listening to music coming from several cars.

“Sounds like Hell” he thought as he cruised by. ”I ‘ll be back kiddies” he smiled inwardly, and then with a thought, he changed his mind and direction.

The explosion rocked the entire east end awake as Freddie’s blew. Luckily, at 3 am there was almost no one there. Killed were the owner and his wife (Fred and Sheila Carson) and their janitor (Joe Fine). Fred and Sheila were just leaving the club with the nights revenue and Joe was doing what Joe did, cleaning. Two more fatalities took place behind the club where the police found the body of a dumpster diver and his dog  (names unknown).

Parson stood looking at the rubble and the body bags shaking his head. He took a sip of the once hot coffee he held in his hand and winced at the acrid cold flavor. Just as he prepared to toss the cup and its contents to the side he spotted something on the ground that didn’t look like it should be there. ”We need an evidence bag please” he called out. Crouching down he took out a pen and flipped the object over. “SHeeT” his mind yelled.
As a rookie handed him an evidence bag, Parson made sure he blocked the line of vision. He didn’t want anyone seeing this until he had a chance to figure out what he was going to do; he bent over slowly and picked up the badge.

I am the dark at the top of the stairs
I am the chill that touches your hair
I  am the creature under your bed
I  am the monster that wants your head

Lt. Jack Forbes looked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror and swiped away at the wet coating of steam that had formed after his shower. Even the hottest water couldn’t make him feel clean anymore.
“What are you doing man” he questioned his reflection. “Why can’t you just let them rest in peace?’
Slumping to the cold tile floor, he began sobbing into his hands. Rage, loss and sorrow swept over him in huge waves of torment as the sobs racked his body. He felt such loneliness without his family, his daughter dead in body for no reason other than some fools stupidity and his wife, dead in her heart towards him because of his anger. He had thought taking  proactive steps to rid his city of punks was the way to extinguish his hatred but so far all it had done was mar his soul. He raised his eyes upwards and begging God’s forgiveness, took his service revolver from its holster and blew the back of his head out.


Part 2 is in the works and will be out before June!